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Acupuncture (Cosmetic)

Cosmetic acupuncture is an effective means of removing fine lines around the eyes, lips, and nose, deeper lines appear softer. It also helps to raise bags under the eyes, improves dark circles and firm chin lines. The lifting effects can be profound and there are none of the pinch and pull effects that surgery can produce. Repeated surgery and Botox can produce a mask like effect, this effect is never seen with cosmetic acupuncture. The method can also lift and firm the bust, as long as it has not dropped too far.
Ultra fine, disposable acupuncture needles are placed at strategic points on the face and act by increasing the local production of collagen and elastin which strengthens the structure of the skin. This results in a general tightening of facial tissue and gives a smoother, firmer line to face. Because of the increased circulation of blood and lymph there is also an improvement in the complexion.
This type of treatment will never replace a cosmetic face lift, but for those who fear surgery, yet still need a little help, it may be the answer to your problems. It delivers results you can see.
Please note; cosmetic acupuncture is absolutely nothing like traditional acupuncture. It has no resemblance to it. Needles are placed in a completely different way to traditional acupuncture.
For availability, contact 01292 270 700 / 0141 572 1134
This technique is currently only available at our Ayr & Glasgow clinics.
Payal Montague

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