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A.Vogel Po-Ho Oil

10ml - In Stock
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"Great for easing nasal congestion!"
Sam @JdeV Stewarton store

An original formula made by famous Swiss Naturopath, Alfred Vogel, this product contains a blend of natural essential oils, including Japanese peppermint, Spanish eucalyptus and Cumin. Po-Ho oil doesn’t just provide a natural, soothing aroma thoguh, it has also traditionally been used to help maintain clear, cool breathing. Also, during the cold or flu season many use it to ease nasal congestion. 

Please note however, that Po-Ho Oil should never be used as nasal drops or applied directly to your skin. Instead, to get the most out of Po-Ho Oil, try adding a few drops to a steaming hot bowl of water and inhaling the fumes. If you’re after a more direct remedy such as a nasal spray, A.Vogel do also offer a Sinuforce Nasal Spray that may also help to tackle nasal congestion.

The most popular use of Po-Ho is to inhale the essential oils. This can be done in a number of ways:

  • Put a few drops of Po-Ho oil onto a handkerchief or bunched-up tissue, hold it to your nose and inhale. You can also put the essential oil soaked handkerchief into your pillowcase or next to your pillow to help you sleep better
  • If you need to inhale an extra boost of essential oils, put one drop of Po-Ho into a steaming-hot bowl of water, lean over, cover your head and bowl with a small towel, and inhale. Do this carefully as the oils can initially feel quite strong to your eyes when you inhale.
  • Po-Ho essential oil can also be rubbed onto the front of your upper chest – your body heat will release a constant supply of essential oils for you to inhale. 1 drop of Po-Ho should be mixed with 15 drops of base oil before rubbing onto your chest.
  • The easy-to-carry essential oil inhaler stick is a convenient way of using Po-Ho. To use, insert the tip of the inhaler gently into your nostril, close the other nostril and inhale deeply. Repeat with the other nostril. Not suitable for children under 6 years of age.
Po-Ho Oil is a mixture of purely natural essential oils. 100g of product typically contains:
Peppermint Essential Oil 50g, Eucalyptus Essential Oil 30g, Juniper Essential Oil 14g, Caraway Essential Oil 4g, Fennel Essential Oil 2g

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