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BetterYou Magnesium Oil Soak for Foot and Body Bath

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We love BetterYou’s innovation when it comes to nutrition and supplementation. With this Magnesium bath oil, you can now top up your magnesium levels while you enjoy a soothing, relaxing bath.

Magnesium is involved in over 300 reactions in the body, and it’s important for msucles, bones, skin, mood, sleep and much more! It can easily be lost through stress, poor diet, poor digestion and menstruation, so it’s important to keep it topped up!

This bath oil is a great way to do so, because it allows magnesium to absorb through the skin directly into the body, bypassing the digestive system altogether. Plus, the hot water of the bath helps to soothe muscles and aid relaxation too! Who knew taking supplements could be so relaxing?

If you aren’t a bath person, why not try a footbath instead? It’s the perfect way to soothe tired feet, and you can combine it with your evening TV watching. Check out BetterYou’s inflatable footbath!

Not sure if you should be taking a magnesium supplement? Read our article and find out!

As a body bath soak:

Add 100ml to a body bath and relax for at least 15 minutes.

The magnesium will be drawn into the body through the skin.

The concentration is much less than a direct spray application but this is counteracted

by the fact that the entire skin surface area is exposed for an extended period.

This weaker concentration it is an ideal application for those with sensitive skin and is a useful therapy

for those with psoriasis and other skin disorders.

The concentration can be safely increased for more intensive therapy.


Because the volume of a footbath is clearly much smaller than that of a regular bath,

and the surface area of skin exposed is reduced the minimum concentration needed for a foot soak would be 50ml magnesium chloride soak.

Again the concentration can be safely increased if desired.

Footbaths can be reused as the mineral content will not be greatly depleted after only one exposure.

It is recommended that baths or footbaths be taken at least twice a week.

Unlike the effect of most other mineral salts, your skin will feel very pleasant, smooth and wrinkle-free.

Zechstein Inside® products the purest natural magnesium chloride in the world

Contains a saturated concentration of Zechstein Inside®

magnesium chloride

hexahydrate (31% concentration).

100% natural and uncontaminated by man-made pollutants as found in mineral sources from open-water.

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