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February, 13 2018

What you should expect from your skincare plan

Gill @JdeV Auchterarder store

Here at Jan de Vries we believe that every skin type is beautifully unique and that we should address skin problems at the root of the cause rather than telling you to hide and cover it up with makeup.

This skincare plan is specifically tailored to those of you with aging skin, throughout the plan we’ll cover a whole range of topics from a simple AM/PM skincare routine to how lifestyle factors like diet, sleep and ageing can impact the health of your skin.

No matter your skin type we believe in the power of nature and how natural ingredients can benefit and look after your skin long term. When it comes to trying new skincare products it can be tricky to know where to begin, especially if you have a particular skin type, so, to help you out, we’ll be sharing some great samples with you from some of our favourite natural brands for you to try.

We’ll be in touch with you every step of the way through direct emails containing all of our handy tips, videos and blogs for you to explore at your own leisure. Excited to get started? I thought so, I’ll be in touch soon with your easy morning routine for aging skin.