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4 ways to relieve aching muscles

Pushed yourself in your home workout? Working hard in the garden? Started a new exercise or activity? All of these things are contributors to muscle ache. Muscle ache occurs when over-worked muscles develop tiny tears in their muscle fibres, and this is especially common if you work harder than normal, or exercise a new group of muscles.

This dull ache can make your limbs feel heavy, your back feel stiff and make it difficult to move around with ease. To help you out, we’ve got some advice on how to relieve aching muscles:

#1 Treat yourself to a hot bath

The hot water will relax your tense muscles and increase blood flow, aiding a speedy recovery. Adding Epsom salts or relaxing essential oils like lavender or black pepper aids this process, or you can buy bubble baths and oils specially tailored for sore muscles.

#2 Use an arnica gel.

Arnica gel is famous for its traditional use in healing bruises, but a lot of people don’t realise that it is also great for muscle aches and joint pain. Just rub a little into the affected area and feel it instantly begin to soothe and calm sore muscles and stiff joints. Our favourite arnica gel is A.Vogel’s Atrogel, made from freshly harvested, organically grown arnica flowers.

#3 Massage your muscles.

HIGHLIGHTTo prevent aching muscles from occurring in the first place, stretch before and after exercising, and make sure to warm up and cool down as well!

Depending on which muscles are affected you could do this yourself, or rope in a friend or partner to help you out! You could even use arnica gel as your choice of massage oil. If you’re feeling brave, book yourself a professional sports massage – but even a regular hot oil massage will do you good.

#4 Keep moving.

We know when you’ve got stiff, achy muscles, the last thing you want to do is MORE exercise. However, gently exercising and stretching your muscles helps loosen and relax them, and speeds up recovery. A light walk or gentle swim can be great for keeping your muscles moving without damaging them further.