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4 Benefits of Echinacea

One of the most popular herbal remedies around today is Echinacea, though this plant has in fact been used medicinally by Native American tribes for centuries. It has gained some controversy over the years, with many celebrating its effects on the immune system, whilst others label it nothing more than a myth.

However, here at Jan de Vries, we think it’s no coincidence that Echinacea extracts are one of our most popular products, and many of our customers (and staff!) come back again and again for more, especially over the winter months. And we tend to agree that people don’t repeatedly spend money on things that don’t work!

But what exactly is so great about Echinacea? Why should you get your hands on some this winter?

1) Echinacea is great at fighting bacteria and viruses, making it a useful all-rounder. The exact mechanism isn’t quite understood as there are so many active chemicals present in the plant, but most studies suggest that it helps strengthen individual cells against infection, and helps prevent viral replication. There are few pharmaceutical drugs that work against common cold and flu viruses, and antibiotics certainly won’t help. Echinacea therefore fills this much-needed treatment gap.

2) Echinacea also works wonders as a preventative measure. When taken regularly, Echinacea can help strengthen the immune system against pathogens, reducing your likelihood of catching an infection in the first place. This makes it a great remedy to take over the winter months when everyone you walk by seems to be snuffling and sneezing.

3) Echinacea sits in the background of your immune system, and is only activated when your immune system is activated. This means it doesn’t over-stimulate your immune system, which can contribute to things like allergies or autoimmune responses. Echinacea works with your natural immune response, rather than taking over and sending it into hyper-drive.

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4) Most Echinacea extracts are safe to be taken long-term, and can be taken by almost anyone, regardless of any other medication or conditions you suffer from (though it is commonly recommended that people who suffer from an autoimmune disease don’t take Echinacea). This is a major benefit, but always check the in-pack leaflet first for the specific manufacturers guidelines.

If you find that you try Echinacea and it doesn’t work for you, we suggest trying a different brand. Look for anything that uses fresh extracts, rather than dried herbs, and make sure both the flower and the root is included, as both are needed for maximum effectiveness. Many different varieties of Echinacea can be used, but we recommend using an extract of Echinacea purpurea. A.Vogel’s Echinaforce range ticks all of these boxes!