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ImmuneCare Glutenase Plus Capsules

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People with a non celiac gluten sensitivity could find relief from Immunecare Glutenase Plus – a new, natural, enzyme-based supplement that breaks down gluten into more easily digested gliadin, glutenin and amino acids.

It has been estimated that as many as one in twenty in the western world suffer from a non celiac gluten sensitivity whereby when the gluten comes into contact with the lining of the small bowel, a reaction occurs. In mild cases, this causes discomfort and can lead to bowel problems such as IBS, diarrhoea and bloating. Immunecare Glutenase Plus can ease this level of gluten sensitivity.

Gluten is a mixture of two proteins, gliadin and glutenin, and is found in wheat, oats, rye and barley. When mixed with water it becomes sticky and so forms the familiar texture of dough made from wheat and rye flour.


People who are sensitive to gluten could benefit from taking Immunecare Glutenase Plus. By breaking the gluten into smaller, more easily digested parts; it encourages the body to take up gluten before it irritates the small bowel.

NOTE: In more severe cases where the sensitivity becomes an allergy to gluten, this is Celiac Disease. This is a more serious condition where the immune system mistakenly attacks the lining of the bowel as if it was a ‘foreign’ organism. People diagnosed with this more serious Celiac Disease should avoid gluten completely as Immunecare Gluten Plus will not address this more serious condition.

  • Immunecare Glutenase Plus contains enzymes with DPP-IV (Dipeptidyl peptidase) activity
  • DPP-IV can be found in the intestinal tract lining.
  • One of its primary functions is breaking down gluten.
  • The DPP-IV enzyme activity assists digestion of proline-containing peptides found primarily in wheat, which are generally resistant to being completely broken down by other enzymes in people who are gluten sensitive.
  • By introducing the DPP-IV containing enzyme to the digestive tract, Immunecare Glutenase Plus encourages break down and digestion of gluten thus rendering it non-irritant.
Take one capsule with each meal containing gluten.
First, if you suspect gluten intolereance, speak to your GP. There is one potentially serious condition, coeliac, which goes way beyond simple gluten intolerance. If youre worried about the condition, go to "coeliac(dot)org(dot)uk" for information. In my case, it turned out to be straightforward gluten intolerance. Glutenase has made life so much easier. Following a bout of food poisoning (if your mackerel looks even slightly dodgy folks, just bin it!) After four days bedridden with a high temperature, sweating buckets and unable to keep anything down, I experienced ongoing stomach pains and dreadful lethargy. After a couple of months, I narrowed the culprits to gluten and lactose. Another month of investigation led me to Glutenase. Not only can I enjoy that simplest of pleasures, bread, but the lactose issue seems to have abated (I have removed cows milk entirely, but am able to enjoy cheese again). This is a product Ive been using for over a year now. I tried a month without to see if my issues had resolved, but although I could manage toast, bread (and beer!) remained beyond me, so back to Glutenase and digestion is comfortable again. For non-coeliac gluten intolerance, Glutenase is a real boon.
Howard Risby
16 September 2017
These tablets have been, and are invaluable for reducing and eliminating the extend boat and subsequent pain and digestive discomfort caused by an intolerance to gluten. Taken before bread, pasta, or even breaded or batter coatings, or especially a meal out which may include bread, beer and pasta, they are life changing. Not coeliac, but definitely worth a try if you or a loved one suffers this common intolerance!
08 August 2015

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