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Nutri Derma Respiratory Tract Pillow Mist Spray

100ml - In Stock
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The new Spray for Airways is exclusively made up of ORGANIC essential oils helping you to naturally regain deep, peaceful sleep, vital for the immune system.

And not only that! The association of essential oils such as eucalyptus, lavender, rosemary or even bay makes this a product specially designed for the airways. Special oils with decongesting and purifying virtues.

Eucalyptus, in particular, is a powerful disinfectant and an age-old remedy for blocked up airways.

Ravensara and niaouli have antibacterial virtues, rosemary has antiseptic properties and they all have decongesting and antiviral actions.

The association of essential oils such as eucalyptus, lavender, rosemary or even bay makes this a product specially designed for the airways.

Easy to use

Spray 5 times on either side.

Boost your immune system! by simply sleeping…

Sleep better and longer...

The ORGANIC Airways Spray is very easy to use: just spray on your pillow and sheets (optional) before going to bed. The fragrances of your pillow spray will create a fresh atmosphere just like the eucalyptus leaves our grandmothers used to boil over the wood-fired stove to cleanse their home.

Delicately spraying the all new ORGANIC Airways Spray on your pillow will fill your nights with fresh, relaxing and soothing scents thanks to its association of essential oils specially designed for the airways. Its action will relieves blocked noses, soothes sore throats and limits running noses. In fact, it acts on all the organs used for breathing (nose, throat, sinus, trachea) in order to have a better winter.

ORGANIC EUCALYPTUS GLOBULUS Eucalyptus Globulus is acknowledged as a genuine antiseptic for the airways. It generates fresh, healthy air and is recommended as a decongesting agent for coughs, blocked noses, colds or bronchitis. It also has air freshening and purifying virtues making up a genuine antibacterial and antiviral.

ORGANIC RAVENSARA Known as an exceptional essential oil with endless properties. It is highly efficient for virosis, infectious diseases and bacteriosis and protects the body from airway infections (sinusitis, bronchitis, colds, coughs). It is a strong expectorant as it fluidifies secretions.

ORGANIC ROSEMARY The strong smell of rosemary and its energising properties make it a genuine antiseptic and antibacterial. Known for its decongesting capacities thanks to the abundant presence of rosemary cineole essence, it is recommended to fight airway inflammations.

ORGANIC LAVENDER This is a basic essential oil which is highly versatile boasting many virtues, namely calming, soothing and also anti-inflammatory. In fact, it helps coughs and dries up a runny nose in the event of breathing infections. It is a precious aid against ears, nose and throat disorders.

ORGANIC NIAOULI Renowned for its antiseptic, antibacterial and antiviral action and is specially recommended for those with breathing problems. Efficient against coughs and asthma and also unblocks and relieves blocked noses. Renowned for being an excellent anti-infectious agent thanks to its expectorant properties.

ORGANIC MENTHA ARVENSIS It owes its decongesting properties to the menthol. It provides freshness and is recommended for sinusitis, colds or fatigue. It is also very often used in staphylococcal and meningococcal-related problems.

ORGANIC BAY Renowned for its highly powerful antiviral properties, essential bay oil is especially recommended for flu symptoms and ears, nose and throat infections. Very efficient even in small doses.

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