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Natures Own Iron with Molybdenum and Vitamin C Tablets

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Iron is the most abundant mineral in your blood and has many vital roles in the maintenance of a healthy body.

What does it do?

  • It combines with protein and copper to make haemoglobin, which carries oxygen in the blood from the lungs to the tissues;
  • It is involved in enzyme systems related to energy metabolism;
  • It is involved in the production of certain neuro-transmitters related to behaviour;
  • It is involved in maintaining a healthy immune system; and
  • It is necessary for the metabolism of B vitamins.

Why might you choose to take extra Iron/Molybdenum?

  • If you are drinking excessive amounts of tea or coffee;
  • If you have excessive blood loss during menstruation;
  • If you are a child experiencing rapid growth (e.g. teenagers (especially girls));
  • If you are pregnant or lactating (check with your Doctor); and/or
  • If you are anaemic.

Why Nature's Own?

Nature's Own’s Iron/Molybdenum supplement is in a Food State, which means the nutrients will be presented to your body in the same form as they are in food. It is gentle, non-constipating and bioeffective form of iron. Food State nutrients have been tested by independent laboratories, who found that they:

  • are significantly better absorbed, longer retained and better used than standard chemical supplements;
  • do not need to be taken with food, as they contain all the necessary food factors needed for absorption;
  • have no known allergic reactions; and
  • are suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Nature's Own’s Iron supplement contains Molybdenum because it is a vital part of the enzyme responsible for iron utilisation.

One tablet daily as a food supplement or as directed by a practitioner.

Iron 5mg

Molybdenum 10ug.

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