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Natures Plus Animal Parade Sugar Free MultiVit & Min - Cherry Tablets

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Sugar Free Animal Parade®Builds Healthy Bodies and Healthy Smiles. The delicious natural flavours kids love – now available with the natural sweetness of Xylitol! For more than 20 years, the name Animal Parade®has stood for the ultimate in children’s nutritional supplements, with cutting-edge natural nutrition and the award-winning, delicious flavours and varieties that kids love! Now, for parents who wish to limit their children’s intake of sugar, Nature’s Plus is proud to offer a new choice: Animal Parade Sugar Free, sweetened with tooth-friendly xylitol!

A naturally occurring compound found in berries, vegetables and mushrooms, xylitol has been “shown to have decay-preventative properties” according to the California Dental Association. Further research has shown an ability for xylitol to reduce oral bacteria. Plus, xylitol contains 40% less calories than sugar and is absorbed more slowly, helping to support stable blood sugar. And, unlike controversial artificial sweeteners, natural xylitol is safe for kids, with no known toxicity. Animal Parade Sugar Free provides irresistibly delicious taste sensations for your kids and peace of mind for you – delivering superior quality nutritional support for children’s healthy development. Try the exciting new Animal Parade Sugar Free formulations, available in a cascading rainbow of luscious flavours, all sweetened with natural, tooth-friendly xylitol!

In delicious, natural fruity flavours (all sugar free!), Animal Parade®Sugar Free Multi Chewables provide the protection and nutritional assurance parents seek for their children, plus the great taste and animal shapes that kids love. In addition to a broad complement of essential minerals, just two chewable tablets supply a wide array of essential vitamins, including 100% of the Daily Value (DV) for highly bioavailable vitamin D3, plus vitamins A, C, E, B12, B6 and other B vitamins.

In a base of nature’s most healthful whole foods, including spirulina, carrot, broccoli, whole brown rice and spinach, Animal Parade Sugar Free Multi Chewables feature the cutting-edge nutrition of our Organic Nutrient Source Whole Food Blend, with the immune-supporting phytonutrient benefits of eight different mushrooms, plus holy basil, lemon, guava and amla (a source of naturally occurring B vitamins and Vitamin C).
Amount Per Serving   %DV for Children Under 4 Years of age %DV for Children 4 Years and older
Calories 5  
Total Carbohydrate 3 g
Sugars 0 g 100%
Xylitol 3 g 100%
Vitamin A (as Beta Carotine) 5000 IU 200% 100%
Vitamin C (as Ascorbic Acid) 60 mg 150% 100%
Vitamin D3 (as Cholecalciferol) 400 IU 100% 100%
Vitamin E (as D-Alpha Tocopherol Acetate) 30 IU 300% 100%
Thiamin (Vitamin B1) (as Thiamine HCI) 1.5 mg 214% 100%
Riboflavin (Vitamin B2) 1.7 mg 213% 100%
Niacin (as Niacinamide) 20 mg 222% 100%
Vitamin B6 (as Pyridoxcine HCI) 2 mg 286% 100%
Folate (as Folic Acid) 10 mcg 5% 3%
Vitamin B12 (as Cyanocobalamin) 6 mcg 200% 100%
Biotin 50 mcg 33% 17%
Pantothenic Acid (as Calcium Pantothenate) 10 mg 200% 100%
Calcium (as Aminoate Complex) 20 mg 3% 2%
Iron (as Aminoate Complex) 5 mg 50% 28%
Iodine (from Kelp) 100 mcg 143% 67%
Magnesium (as Aminoate Complex) 10 mg 5% 3%
Zinc (as Aminoate Complex) 3 mg 38% 20%
Copper (as Aminoate Complex) 0.05 mg 5% 3%
Manganese (as Aminoate Complex) 0.05 mg 3%
Potassium (as Aminoate Complex) 1 mg <1%
Pineapple Fruit 50 mg
Apple Fruit 50 mg
Sunflower Oil 20 mg

Lemon Bioflavanoid Complex

(from Citrus Limon Fruit)

30 mg
PABA (Para-amino-benzoic Acid) 400 mcg
Choline (as Bitartrate) 10 mcg
Inostinol 10 mcg

Other ingredients: Xylitol, natural color, cranberry, citric acid, guar gum, stearic acid, natural cherry/raspberry flavor,
magnesium stearate, spirulina (naturally rich in essential nutrients), rose hips (Rosa canina fruit), Organic Nutrient Source
Blend [wood ear mushroom (Auricularia auricula), CordysimTM (Bionectria ochroleuca), maitake (Grifola frondosa), shiitake
(Lentinula edodes), oyster mushroom (Pleurotus ostreatus, P. nebrodensis, P. eryngii ), white wood ear mushroom
(Tremella fuciformis), amla (Emblica officinalis) berry, guava, holy basil (Ocimum tenuiflorum), lemon], calcium carbonate,
magnesium oxide, ferrous fumarate, zinc oxide, potassium citrate, potassium iodide, non-GMO maltodextrin, tricalcium
phosphate, malic acid, magnesium hydroxide, silica, whole brown rice, broccoli, spinach, mango fruit, carrot,
West Indian cherry (Malpighia glabra fruit), papaya fruit. Mineral aminoates are whole brown rice chelates.

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