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A.Vogel Balance Mineral Drink

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"I always keep a few sachets of Balance in my bag at work for mid-afternoon energy slumps!"
Anne @JdeV Largs store

Get your daily dose of essential minerals with A.Vogel’s Balance Mineral Drink. Each handy strawberry-flavoured sachet provides magnesium, zinc, potassium, calcium and vitamin D, as well as L+ lactic acid to support healthy digestion and friendly gut bacteria.

This is a fantastic energy booster, especially due to its content of magnesium, an essential mineral for energy metabolism, muscle function and the nervous system. The zinc helps to support immune function and protein synthesis, while potassium helps contribute to normal muscle function. Calcium, like magnesium, also contributes to normal energy metabolism as well as bone maintenance. Finally, Balance supplies you with your recommended daily intake of vitamin D which supports the immune system, muscle function and bone maintenance.

The great news is all of these essential minerals are packed into one handy Balance sachet! It’s a quick and easy way to replace electrolytes, so it’s the perfect post-workout drink, but we often recommend it to rehydrate after a night out, a day in the sun, a flu or a stomach bug.

As well as boosting energy and replacing electrolytes, this formula helps to gently support digestion and support balanced pH levels throughout the whole body.

Here at Jan de Vries, we love it shaken up with some cold almond milk to make a tasty, healthy strawberry milkshake!

From cold remedies to digestive aids to stress relief A.Vogel has you covered! Founded by pioneer of nature Alfred Vogel who believed every substance contained in a plant has purpose and significance. A love of nature and belief in its healing powers are at the heart of all A.Vogel products, they use all-natural ingredients and organically grown herbs to give you the very best remedies that nature can offer.

Take one 5.5g sachet per day.

Open and pour the contents of the sachet into a glass, add 150ml of water, stir well and enjoy.

This product is not recommended for children.

Gum arabic (excipient), Calcium citrate, Potassium citrate, Strawberry fruit powder (14.3%), Magnesium citrate, Concentrated lactofermented whey (from Swiss milk & without protein, rich in positive lactic acid L(+)): Natural flavours, Magnesium carbonate, Zinc citrate, Sweetner (steviol glycoside), Natural vitamin D3 powder (plant source).

Great product if you are tired, run down or jet lagged. Tastes great too!
29 May 2019
This drink has made an amazing difference to my total wellbeing. I have found that, whereas, before I used to struggle to want to do things and indeed get motivated, I am now not thinking - I am doing! It is so wonderful to have this energy and feel enthusiastic once again. I have a long term illness and it has been years since I have been so uplifted and cheerful being able to do my household chores. I shall now be ordering this monthly :)
09 November 2018
Very good product.
Carol Dein
25 July 2018

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