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Too tired to exercise? Follow our guide!

How to motivate yourself to exercise more

At the end of a stressful week or after a busy day at work it can be hard to find the motivation and energy to exercise. However, in these instances exercise could be just what you need as it can increase the levels of endorphins in your body. These are known as feel-good hormones and can improve both mood and energy levels. So, if you’re feeling a little too tired to exercise, read all about our tips on how to get going!

Finding motivation!

When it comes to exercise there are two main types of motivation, intrinsic and extrinsic. Intrinsic is generated internally with positive thoughts like “I can do this!” and “this is fun” and is generally thought to encourage us to exercise long-term.

On the other hand, extrinsic motivation is driven by external factors like crossing the finish line at the end of a race. However, even though external motivation is still good for motivating us, it is thought to be more beneficial for encouraging us to accomplish shorter term goals like a 5K.

Regardless of what your motivation is though, we all have days when lack of energy makes it difficult to push yourself to exercise and so that’s why we have listed our top tips to help you exercise when you’re feeling tired!

1 Pair up!

When you’re feeling tired, exercising with another person can help to get you going. You can motivate each other to get out for a cycle or a run plus when you’re in the middle of your activity, having another person around also encourages you to do more overall exercise as well. That's not all though, if exercise is a relatively new past time for you, having a friend to go to classes with can make it all less daunting. So, it may not seem like it at the time but there are lots of positives to be gained from your friend dragging you off the sofa and to the nearest spin class!

2 Give yourself goals

Goals are extrinsic motivations that encourage us to exercise, even when we are tired! So, set out some short-term goals for the workouts you are about to do and establish longer term ones for bigger achievements you want to make in the future. However, when you set out your goals make sure they are enticing enough to keep you motivated, even when you are tired, as if you’re not passionate about achieving your goal you’ll be unlikely to fulfil them. Track yourself, your successes and your progress and don’t forget to reward yourself every time you hit one of your goals!

3 Make a workout playlist

The benefits of listening to music whilst exercising are extensive as it can enhance performance and even motivation. However, if you’re feeling exhausted and are lacking the energy to exercise in the first place, a good workout playlist can even help with this. That’s because it can distract your mind from negative, de-motivational thoughts, as well as feelings of fatigue.

4 Do exercises you enjoy

If you don’t enjoy going to the gym or running you’ll be less inclined to do it regularly, never mind when you’re tired. Therefore, if you want to keep yourself motivated, it’s essential that you do exercises that you enjoy. If you are unsure what exercises to do then why not try out a few different ones? Not only will this give you variety but this way you’ll be able work out which ones you enjoy and which ones you do not.

5 Keep your workouts short

Ok, so sometimes our tiredness means we just can’t face a long workout session but that’s ok. In this instance just cut down the amount of time you spend exercising as there’s no point in burning yourself out completely by doing too much. Remember - quality can be better than quantity!

Try cutting your usual work out time in half as that way you will still be exercising without putting your body under too much strain. You never know though, you may even find that you have the energy to complete a full work out after doing just a short one.

6 Think positively!

When you’re tired it’s easy to tell yourself you’re not up to exercising or that you can’t be bothered however, these de-motivational thoughts will not, unsurprisingly, get you further than the front door. In contrast, positive thoughts like “I can do this” will encourage you to continue with your exercise plan and so whether you’re tired or not, think positively when it comes to exercising!

7 Keep your exercises varied

Sometimes just the thought of doing the same old exercise routine can make you feel exhausted so why not switch up your activity? A varied exercise plan is one of the best ways to stay motivated to exercise, as a study by the University of Florida has indicated. It found that those who did the same exercises repeatedly were more likely to quit than people who rotated three varied workouts each week.

8 Reward yourself

Whatever your achievements, be it a successful run or an enjoyable exercise class, remember to reward yourself. This acts as motivation to continue exercising and may even encourage you to get up and go next time you are feeling a little tired. So, whether it’s a meal out with friends or a night on the sofa with a film, do something you find relaxing and enjoyable after all your hard work!

9 Try Balance Mineral Drink

When you’re experiencing tiredness and fatigue that’s preventing you from exercising, you may wish to turn to our Balance Mineral Drink for some extra support.

Balance contains calcium, zinc, potassium, vitamin D and magnesium meaning it’s great for people suffering from these issues. However, it’s also especially effective as a post-workout drink to rehydrate you and replace lost minerals after a stint at the gym or pool.