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Transfer Point Beta-1 3-D Glucan 500mg Capsules

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Beta glucans are sugars that are found in the cell walls of bacteria, fungi, yeasts, algae, lichens, and some plants. Transfer Point’s Beta glucan is naturally derived from the cell walls of baker’s yeast and has been scientifically proven to maintain and support a healthy immune response. A strong immune system is vital to the preservation of your good health.

This dietary supplement has been subjected to rigorous studies at numerous universities, and is the most potent Beta glucan available on the market today. The active ingredient, Glucan 300®, is cited as the best on the market by several published journals.

Purity Transfer Point, Inc. is the only company that offers a Beta glucan with a minimum of 83% (1,3)-beta-D glucan content and every batch is independently tested, so you can rely on this supplement to provide exactly what it says.

These tablets are vegetarian friendly and can be used by everyone – even children – to support a healthy immune system.

Order Transfer Point Beta glucan today to provide the extra support your immune system needs.

Take 1 capsule daily on an empty stomach, then wait 30 minutes before eating or as directed by a healthcare professional.
Amount per 2 capsules
Beta 1,3D glucan complex1,000 mg
Residues of carbohydrate (%)
Terminal glucose3.6%
1,3-linked glucose86.6%
1,6-linked glucose2.1%
2,3-linked glucose5.8%
3,6-linked glucose1.9%
Capsule: microcrystalline cellulose in Pullulan NP capsules.
Prompt delivery
Gary Hoole
26 January 2018
Good product, recommended to boost my immunity and have been stable. Just wish it could be cheaper
toyin olugbile
08 January 2018
Great alternative to antibiotics.
Emma Casey
02 January 2018
I am buying this product for a family member who has breast cancer. It seems to be helping a lot. Recommended.
Nuno Montez da Silveira
02 January 2018
Fast and free delivery, excellent price I couldnt find it anywhere else for this, would highly recommend.
01 January 2018
After using this fantastic product, for 4 months so far, from the early begging I found much improvement in physical aspect of dealing with RA. I wake up with less pain, my mobility is much better...Definately recommend this biomodulator (based on numerous medical researches, publications and personal experience) for those who struggle with rheumatoid arthritis. Being a natural biomodulator, it does not over stimulate nor understimulate your immune system, but regulates it. Exactly what I needed! Glad to have found it via this company rather than to import in from USA.
Mina Dragojevic
01 January 2018
Still havent received this product despite having a two-weekly subscription and this order was apparently placed, and charged to me, on 1 December. Doesnt seem much point in having a subscription as it clearly doesnt work. I will be looking for an alternative provider of this product.
Sarah Jane Muggeridge
17 December 2017
I feel this really does improve my health overall. Its the best product Ive come across and has a positive change on my health. Thank you
17 December 2017
I am very happy with this product which I get on a two weekly subscription. Unfortunately, my last order, placed according to a sales e-mail on 1 December has still not arrived and I have now run out of the product. I take this as part of a cancer healing protocol, so am concerned that my subscription needs to arrive in good time so that I can take it on the required daily basis.
Sarah Jane Muggeridge
10 December 2017
Excellent for the immune system. Since I have took these I have had no colds or flu for over 2 years.
25 November 2017
Good product
Alessandra Ferreira
15 November 2017
Great product and great service
Nick Vaughan
06 November 2017
Have used this for several years and I’m convinced it has kept me free of colds, flu and other infections.
Jan Archibald
04 November 2017
Excellent service, high qality product
Andy Brough
01 November 2017
I researched the best products to take when diagnosed with cancer which helps stimulate immune system and this was the best in its class! My husband has taken it for the last 4 years and is keeping very well,
Wendy Gray
14 October 2017
Delivered on time at a price that is comparable to the USA (without the huge additional shipping costs). All good. Thanks
Graham Lemon
05 October 2017
Very good for keeping immune system well. If catch a col or anything is short lived, i know im safe taking this as it doesnt over stimulate snd its the only supp for im,une thats thoroughly been researched for its quality and results
Amanda Townsend
29 September 2017
Best on the market
Elizabeth Faircloth
27 September 2017
Ive taken this product for three months to boost my immune system and seems to be helping
16 September 2017
Have used this for three years and Im convinced that it has prevented infections and protected my immune system.
Jan Archibald
23 August 2017
Best quality beta Glucan
Elizabeth Faircloth
15 August 2017
Great product!
Yana Nedyalkova
12 August 2017
Best value out there, such a reputable brand at an amazing price, Ive purchased over and over again! Highly recommended
Flavia Santini
05 July 2017
Best on the market . Excellent service from start to finish
Nick Vaughan
30 June 2017
I have used this product for several years now and it has helped support my immune system through various cancer treatments. I believe it prevented me having major infections when my body was at a low ebb with the treatment.
Jan Archibald
20 June 2017
Highest quality Beta Glucan, excellent value for money and really quick delivery. Highly recommended!
14 June 2017
best quality Beta Glucan - trust it is doing what I need it to!
Elizabeth Faircloth
12 June 2017
excellent quality
Elizabeth Faircloth
10 June 2017
The best Beta Glucan on the market for an incredible price and always speedy delivery. Highly recommended!
01 June 2017
Have used this product for several years due to a serious health condition. It has been extremely efficient in boosting my immune system and preventing infection.
Jan Archibald
26 May 2017
Very good product would highly recommend.
John Hayes
26 May 2017
Excellent product,good price,and fast delivery
michelle j webb-guven
26 May 2017
This is an excellent product and I can certainly tell that it has improved my immune health. The only reason for providing a merely "Good" review is that one particular bottle had an issue with its packaging which I only discovered when I opened the product outer lid. The excellent customer service team at Yourhealthfoodstore dealt with the issue rapidly and professionally. I will continue to order this product from here in future.
07 July 2016
Great value
Deb Lester
17 June 2016

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