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Which magnesium supplement is right for you?

Magnesium has a number of uses and it’s quite common to be deficient. It’s involved in over 300 chemical processes in the body, meaning that it can have beneficial effects throughout the body.

Magnesium can be useful for sleep, PMS, constipation, migraines and even depression. However, it is also involved in energy metabolism and muscle relaxation, so if you’re feeling fatigued or experiencing stiff muscles then you might benefit from a magnesium supplement!

We often recommend a magnesium supplement to women, as periods can quickly strip magnesium from the body while menopause can put extra pressure on the body. However, we now know that some extra magnesium can really be useful to anyone who needs it!

Mag 365 

Magnesium citrate is a highly absorbable form of magnesium, and that’s just what you’ll find in Mag365 Passion Fruit. It comes in powder form that you dissolve in liquid, meaning that it’s easy to absorb since your stomach has less work to do. Breaking down tablets can be hard work!

I’ve recommended the passion fruit version as this tends to be more popular among our customers, and the flavour is totally natural – nothing artificial here!

Each serving of MAG365 provides a fantastic 375mg of magnesium, which is 100% of your daily recommended intake. This is one of our strongest magnesium supplements, meaning it’s a great choice for anyone who could be significantly deficient – those with poor diets, menopausal women and women with heavy periods.

Floradix Liquid Magnesium

Another fantastic supplement that uses magnesium citrate is Floradix Liquid Magnesium. Again, being a liquid, this supplement is really easy for the stomach to break down and absorb. However, it’s a slightly lower dose than the MAG365 so would be a good option for people who already get a good amount of magnesium from their diet and just want to top up.

Each 20ml serving provides 250mg of elemental magnesium, which is still a strong, healthy dose. The syrupy liquid is sweetened with honey and flavoured with apricot juice, mango juice, pineapple juice, pear juice and orange peel for a refreshing, tropical favour.

BetterYou Magnesium Oil Spray

If you’re not a fan of liquid supplements (I get it, not everyone likes the same flavours), and don’t like taking tablets, then BetterYou Magnesium Oil Original Spray is the perfect choice. You spray it directly onto the skin where it absorbs quickly and efficiently. In fact, it is common to feel a slight tingling from the high-speed absorption – particularly if you’re deficient!

10 sprays delivers 200mg of magnesium, and while this is lower than some supplements you can be confident that most of it will be absorbed by the body – with some tablets very little is absorbed even from very strong doses!

One great benefit of this version is that it avoids the digestive system completely, which is great if you’re suffering from digestive troubles or conditions like IBS.

This oil may be particularly useful if you’re using magnesium for joint or muscle pain, as it can be sprayed directly onto the painful areas and massaged in.

BetterYou also have a few sprays tailored towards specific problems here.

Lamberts MagAsorb Tablets

If you’re just looking for a no-frills no-fuss supplement then Lamberts’ MagAsorb Tablets are one of our favourites! Each tablet provides 150mg of magnesium citrate, but the recommended daily dose is 1-3 tablets a day, so it’s really easy to adjust the dose depending on your own individual needs.


PrizMag Magnesium Biglycinate

PrizMAG pure magnesium bisglycinate is the only magnesium bisglycinate on the market that is free from fillers, stearates and magnesium oxide, so you can be sure you are getting nothing but a high quality supplement. This product binds to a glycine, which is an amino acid that is small enough to pass through your cell walls so that your body can absorb and utilize the magnesium, rather than pass right through your gastrointestinal tract like many other forms of magnesium. PrizMAG is great for those who prefer capsules over powder, and it doesn’t cause bowel intolerance like some magnesium supplements. Studies show that both magnesium and glycine can each be beneficial for sleep, and combined into one easy supplement, PrizMAG packs a powerful punch to help you get the sleep you deserve.